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Adjust everything to the wishes of your employees and organization? Decide for yourself how the platform works and looks.

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We apply gamification techniques, such as leaderboards, badges, rewards and certificates to motivate.

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On our 2LRN4 platform, we continuously offer privacy and security awareness courses on a variety of themes.

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Features Role based access

The system is built hierarchically. Which means that there is a strict separation between organizations, departments and users. But this also means that there is a strict separation of roles.

The role not only determines which information is visible, but also whether or not you can make certain adjustments. In addition to the administrator who can do everything, there is also a role for a manager who only needs to be able to see the reports and a user role who does not need all that.

Role based access
Features Single Sign on

With single sign-on (SSO), employees do not have to log in again. Access is automatically granted to the 2LRN4 platform. This removes a major barrier for employees. Namely the accessibility of e-learning courses on the 2LRN4 platform.

As a customer of 2LRN4 you can create the SSO connection with your own environment. With our handy step-by-step plan or with the help of our support department. Logging in via Office365 or Google is also possible.

Single Sign on
Features Synchronisation with Azure AD

We've made management easier with the ability to sync users with Azure AD. This will 'automatically' create accounts if they don't already exist. And your employees will immediately receive an invitation for the training they need in their department. 

As a customer of 2LRN4 you can create the synchronization yourself with your own Azure AD. 

Synchronisation with Azure AD
Features Multi language

You prefer to learn in your own language. When knowledge is offered in your own language, you also remember what you have learned longer. For this reason 2LRN4 offers multiple languages. Spoken, subtitled and written. So, you can read and listen. 

The platform and courses are available in most of the European languages. Is a language not available? Do not worry. The lead time for adding a new language is a maximum of 6 weeks. 

Multi language
Features Reports and Dashboards

See at a glance what you as a user have done and still have to do.  As a manager or platform administrator you can even immediately see the status and progress of your security awareness program. What is the percentage of the departments with the active employees on the platform. If you want to know more, there are extensive reports in table form and graphs. You can even schedule the reports to be emailed to you or to your stakeholders. 

Reports and Dashboards
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Pdf and Blog content
Video content
Webinar content
Surveys and tests
activities Pdf and Blog content

Wouldn't it be great if employees could learn something about a privacy or security topic, and they could also read the policy on that topic? And why not immediately indicate for compliance that they have taken note of this?

We have made it possible to add documents and blog posts to a course yourself. In addition to policy, you can also think of a blog post in which you write how certain things work for you.

activities Video content

When you come across good examples about privacy or security on YouTube or Vimeo, it is possible to share them on the 2LRN4 platform. Of course, you can also share your own video material in this way. So, enrich your privacy and security courses even more.

This also gives the opportunity to organize Live Webinars via YouTube. Ideal when you invite an external speaker. A great way to make the content even more relevant for your employees.

activities Webinar content

Doing internal webinar is quite popular. The CISO who briefly explains what measures they have taken or the DPO who explains the implementation of the GDPR one more time. Precisely because this is often very relevant information, we have added this activity.

Employees automatically receive an invitation. And if they can't watch live, they can watch the recorded version.

activities Surveys and tests

You can adjust and enrich all challenges (tests) with your own questions, answers and explanations. But you can also add a whole new challenge, for example about the content you have added yourself.

In addition, it is possible to create a survey per security or privacy course. What can give you answers about the culture, the behavior or just about how they think about your security awareness program.

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